Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 things about crap and the art of not giving it

The subtle art of not giving a crap.

In my life I've given a ton of craps.

I've also not given some craps.

And by far, the craps I've not given,
made all the difference in my life.

This is all about not giving a crap.


Not giving a crap about what you partner thinks.

Not giving a crap about what your family thinks.

Not giving a crap about not being able to keep up with
all the technology these days and doing it anyway.

Not giving a crap about sacrificing precious free
time in pursuit of a worthy goal.

Not giving a crap about a million of reasons why
you've been told you can't do what you think you should do.

Just. not. giving. a. crap.


And doing it.

That's how I did it.

And I'm positive you can do it too.

10 things about crap not giving

Credits go to my neighbor Samyuali who gave it to me written on the back of a cereal box piece of cardboard, the front of it had a nice strawberry and some other fruit picture. He didn't give me the cereal but mentioned that it was kind of like crap and that he doesn't give craps but he would like to share the strawberries next time he gets some from the market. I agreed it was the right line of thought and that cereals are highly proccessed so no wonder it's only as good as the pictire on the box itself because at least you can make some pretty notecardboard from it to give it to you neighbor.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Most Viewed Writer in Blogger on Qoura That's Me!

You're now a Most Viewed Writer in Blogger (product). Sun


Yeap.That would be me!

A most viewed writer, how fun is that!

May be not THE most viewed writer yet HAHA, but still, worth taking a screenshot.

So the screenshot i took and everyone can see this beautiful picture right here.

I'm a most viewed writer on quora in blogger
Considering i only wrote 4 answers in the Blogger category on Qoura in the last 30 days it's not a very shabby result at all. And if Quora honors resulted in some kind of a monetary compensation i would probably try to increase that number in proportion to that compensation. But there is no compensation so i just write answers there now and then when i have some extra time for the love of it.

Yeah, as much as i love Quora i have to control my addiction to answering every single question that grabs my attention and there is plenty. It's a never ending flow of people's curiosity and if you are not careful you may just end up going with the flow… where? That is a BIG question.

Not to say that i don't find it useful and fulfilling, of course it always feels like you doing something that is worth doing and when people upvote your answers it just proves that you are actually doing the right thing. And who doesn't want that!

That feeds your addiction and you keep on finding new and better and longer answers to enlighten all who wants to be enlightened and together you create that wonderful palace of knowledge!

And then suddenly you remember that you gotta do a million or two of other things and that they aren't gonna do them by themselves. Yes, there are other things! Patiently waiting for you to blow a kiss to Qoura and get to them!

Just for a brief moment. Really, just do that couple million things fast and go back. You gotta answer those questions on Quora, all of them!

I'm a most viewed writer on quora in blogger

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mason Jar Long Term Storage Amazing Way to Vacuum Seal

Seeing a Mason Jar being vacuum sealed using this amazing method truly challenges the notion "i know all there is to know about it".

The long term dry food storage solution just became ever more refined with a touch of that 'oh, now i can do it' feeling that is a necessary part of all successful undertakings!

Mason jars are everywhere. Everyone loves mason jars. Their original purpose was to can foods but that is not all they are capable of. People use them to store things of all kinds, nuts and bolts, clips and cotton balls, buttons, beads, toys, toy's batteries, odds and ends and anything in between.

Mason jars are quite handy for making candles and can also serve as liquid soap dispensers. Making a piggy bank out of a mason jar is also a useful thing to do.

The achievements of the mason jar are indisputable and we can easily call it an IT jar.

I have an extensive collection of mason jars and it seems like you can never have too many. Making gifts and using them as the gift containers is quite convenient so it's always good to have some extra ones ready for the occasion.

Of course using mason jars to store different types of foods is still a thing. All nuts and seeds, candies, cookies, chocolates, tea, coffee, oats, rice, pasta, anything goes.

I have plastic caps for them as well because they are really good for storing and handle washing better than the metal canning lids.

I always just put the things in and screw the top tight and that was it. But after i saw what this lady was doing with an old trusty mason jar i thought i would never go back to the old ways. This method looks so much better for keeping foods for a longer time and you don't have to use any disposable plastic or buy any special pricey device to do it.

Watch this video, let me know what you think.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Average Penis Statistics Small Medium Large World Chart

The results of the international research on the penis sizes 

Average penis size in relation to the countries world wide are shown below.
The average height of the men is also shown in the chart country by country but there's no proven data whether the size of the penis has any correlation with the man's height or any other parts of his body.
There's also no connection between the man's race or genetics and the size of the penis.

As we all know penises come in all shapes and sizes and it's just a matter of personal preference which one you consider to be the most… well,  the most unique.

This research data can help you determine what category the penis in question belongs to,  whether it's a size small, medium or large.
An average penis is the one that falls in between a small and large sizes and this was calculated based on the measurements reported by ether the participants themselves or with the help of an assistant.

Aside from the size as most folks would be aware of, penises also vary greatly in color from extremely light to intensely dark but for the purpose of this particular research we will limit ourselves to the  consideration of the size only.

The world population is very diverse and so are the essential elements that are the integral parts of each and every member of the said population.
Not that some elements of the population members are more important than others but somehow and even may be unfairly so, they get more recognition, attention and so forth.

Penises just happened to be one of those elements that get the most of our devoted attention, praise and the other side of the popularity - beating.

We love them, we hate them,  we go to a great length to show we care and to prove that we don't.
We are proud to own them, pamper them, give them the cutest names we can come up with, it's all good!

Here are the results of the world wide research to support the point made and to show the achievements of our fellow earth population members world wide!

The size of the human penis varies between 12.9–15.0 cm or 5.1–5.9 in length in the erect state.  
The chart shows an average penis size of the men, the age group of the participants and their full body height in each country from where this statistical data was collected.

Sm m lg Penis size world country statistic Average

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Invisible Things one Can Find Online

Every day we walk past things we don't know exist. We don't know or we don't notice or we forget it right after we notice them.

Invisible things don't visit our mind or slip through it without leaving a trace.

We walk by mountains of events enveloped in our blankets of thoughts and feelings that cover and protect us from the invasion of foreign outlandish excessive influences which is a very good thing indeed!
Everyone has so much on his or her plate that it's spilling over and goes all over the place the second we forget to keep it straight or just accidentally tumble as we come across a smallest obstacle. Keeping the plate straight becomes a mission and stretching to the limit while stretching the limits brings about a tiny bit of a bigger potential to keep that mission possible.

We do all we can to keep everything we have neatly on our plate even if it is not quite possible by the law of physics and math. We want to defy the exact science for 2 major reasons:

1. Science is hard and
2. Who wants to clean up all that mess.

We walk down the street, drive past communities, cities and villages, ride bikes, buses and trains, even fly in our attempt to capture every possible piece of knowledge, find the best and less than the best opportunities, see all the greatness there is to see or simply just because.

Invisible things stay invisible, we are not searching for them because we don't know they exist.

They are beyond our scope of impressions, experiences and we are thoughtfully unaware of everything that is not included in our inventory of the concepts.

And that is where online kingdom of everything comes in.
It comes in without a special invitation and does not wait at the gate.
It has a free pass for every party of 1 or more. It is there to make invisibility a thing of the past.

Let's see the invisible in full light where it has no place to hide and no place to hide is needed. It is where it belongs, it's where it feels at home and it is where it welcomes you.

Place A.
Sexual attraction just made a disappearing act or so it seems …

Is it just another dysfunction, does it require a medical treatment, what are the implications of not being sexually attracted to the opposite or same sex, what is the problem with having sexually related problems?

Quote: "Sexual orientation is different from gender identity, or the gender a person feels he or she is. In other words, you can be an asexual man, an asexual woman or an asexual transgender person. Sexual orientation is also different from sexual behavior. So, just as a straight woman can kiss or even have sex with another woman without being a lesbian, a person can abstain from sex temporarily or permanently without being asexual."

The studies insist that Asexuals were about 2.5 times less likely to be right-handed than heterosexuals. Also when compared to heterosexuals, asexual men were more likely to have older siblings and asexual women were more likely to have younger siblings.​

The above were further elaborated in the aptly named article "Asexuality: the Invisible Orientation?" It can be read here  

Place B.
Cost of mental illness is well hidden worldwide, can it be uncovered somehow?

Quote:"In wealthy countries, most people continue to view mental illness as a problem facing individuals and families, rather than as a policy challenge with significant economic and political implications. Meanwhile, in low-income and middle-income countries and within international organizations, officials tend to view mental illness as a “First World problem”; according to that view, worrying about mental health is a luxury that people living in severe poverty or amid violent conflict cannot afford."

The costs and significance of mental illness is underestimated for many reasons. The lawmakers and health officials lean towards seeing mental illness very different than other medical problems. But mental illness is a disorder of the brain which is a part of the whole body. So for this reason along it is not very different from other non communicable diseases.

It is further reviewed in a more detailed way in this article named Darkness Invisible

Place C.
Where does the money hide?
Can it be found and where should one look to find it?

Quote:"Over the last decade, student loan debt has grown at twice the rate of inflation; tuitions have risen at roughly the same rate going back 40 years. By many estimates, the per-student debt figure has surpassed the $30,000 mark."

Paying for your education is seemingly unavoidable and getting education is a well known number one priority for good reason.
"Is all this avoidable? Perhaps. Loans need not represent a last-resort option, even though they're the first thing too many students lean on before the first bill arrives."

The more detailed view on this often invisible element can be observed here in the post rightfully named Darkness Invisible.

Place D.
If you have a place full of cars and all you need is a bunch people who want a car, and those people come to you on a everyday basis, can you sell it?

As it turns out, many people are unsure if they can do it as often as they need to.
Where do the customers you might want to sell a car hide?

Quote:"A recent study by J.D. Power and Associates found that customers are now visiting an average of no more than 1.4 dealerships before purchasing, down from 4.5 in 2005. And 78 percent of the time, the lead doesn’t originate from the Internet; they just call and come in or, more likely, just walk in.

The good news is you are more likely than ever before to sell a car to a fresh lead, but you must be the “1” in the “1.4,” not the “.4.” That means you have to follow up and get them back tomorrow or next week. You must be the first dealership a customer visits, the first dealership that gives a great experience, and the first dealership that actually logs him or her into its CRM."

If you call them within 90 minutes of leaving you may reach them while they are still shopping for a car. If you can sincerely remind him or her of how great it was to have them over at your dealership and are able to commit to making the deal happen you just might get them to come back into your store.

If you can't get them back on the same day you have the next few days to call, e-mail and leave voicemail. You have to let them know how important they are and that they will reach their shopping goals as long as they do it with you.

The Invisible Customer discovery is described in more details here.

Hidden secrets online finds

picture borrowed from laurawilliams

Monday, February 6, 2017

Little Girl Big Toys Time

Patritsiya grew up in a well to do family. Her father was a leading engineer in a large urban development company and her mother was a head of the division of a large industrial supply corporation.

From the early time she was introduced to many things that were considered a part of a good life. She had every toy a kid should have, she had pretty clothes and lots of beautiful children's books, she had private dance and music teachers and lots more.

Her childhood was filled with arts, sports, movies and performance theaters, pretty birthday and holiday gifts and apparently a carrying family.

Patritsiya loved her parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins and all her extended family.
She never doubted their love and was always happy to be around them.

When she started elementary school she was one of the kids who was often praised for their nice behavior, academic achievements and tidy appearance.
Studying in school was an easy task for Patritsiya, she was getting good grades and doing homework was almost as easy and enjoyable for her as playing with toys and friends.

Things started to change in little steps as Patritsiya was becoming older. School did not satisfy her curious mind and her innate quest for being self confident and more independent was not getting fulfilled.
She did not continue to have interest in school work and amount of praise by the teachers was slowly getting less and less and eventually was replaced by low grades, harsh criticism and degrading remarks.

That did not sit well with her parents who grew more and more dissatisfied with Patritsiya’s academic performance.
They expressed their dissatisfaction freely and without hesitation.

Being still very young and not being able to understand the change in the way those close to her were treating her did not contribute to the improvement of the situation. She could not understand how her parents could be so aggressively angry and their relationship was becoming more and more frustrating.

Patritsiya’s school work was not improving and the world around her was not filled with love and support and happy relationships.
She was still a child, a more and more unhappy child and took and carried that emotional environment with her into her youth and adult life. She did not part with it for many many years until she finally began to realize that none of that has any good meaning, material or emotional value and she is not required to keep that as a part of her daily activity.

She started taking those heavy unneeded things out of her luggage and replacing them with lighter and more useful items like plans to grow a vegetable garden on her window shelf and inviting friends for salad testing. She got her exercise mat out of her  closet, dusted it off and started doing those exercises she learned long time ago in grade school.
She goes out and meets new people and gets more work done even if she has less time for work.

The story is to be continued with more details in the extended version.

Copyright ©  CandyRoomXO 21st century

And now on to the wildlife to connect with nature and to watch the birds. To spread the wings and take flight, to unwind and glide.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Make HTML TABLE in blogspot aka blogger

There is no html table option right in the blogger editor so to make a table in your blogspot post you need to make it in your notepad and copy and paste it in your blog post in HTML mode.

Switch to HTML from Compose in the top left corner and paste your table where you need it.

To make it easier just paste it in the end of your post then switch back to Compose, you can always highlight it there then cut and paste it in a different place once you have it in your post.

To make an html table use the following :

  • Use the HTML <table> element to define a table
  • Use the HTML <tr> element to define a table row
  • Use the HTML <td> element to define a table data
  • Use the HTML <th> element to define a table heading

Here's the table structure:

<table style="width:100%">
Try it Yourself »
Remember you have to paste this code while in html mode for it to look like a table and not a piece of code.

So that it would look like this:

Firstname Lastname Age
Jill Smith 50
Eve Jackson 94

Have fun!

See the complete instruction here

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kylie Jenner photoshoot Who's behind the camera

Kylie Jenner may be amazingly photogenic but someone has to hold the camera and press the button for all the world to see how amazing she really is when it comes to taking photos and making videos.

A selfie stick and timer can only take you so far, the real magic begins when there’s another person looking through the lens and capturing the moments of truth.

Of course Kylie Jenner could choose anyone for her production team, she’d probably look gorgeous anyway, she definitely has the beauty and talent to face the camera.

But who did she really choose to take her photos and record videos?
The decision is ultimately important for anyone when trying to get the right people for the job no matter how talented beautiful or famous you might be.

In this case, a young lady who grew up in Ukraine happened to be just the right camera talent to create ever gorgeous photos and videos with Kylie Jenner.

Watch the videos below to get the full picture where the photographer Sasha Samsonova answers the questions and tells you all that’s important.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make Pretty Pillows Fast cheap easy DIY video

Pillows are an important part of interior design. Having pretty pillows can make a really simple and otherwise undecorated  room look all done up and complete.

Even if you take out all the furniture and other elements of the room and just have a bunch of pillows thrown all over the floor it will look and feel cozy and you can even get comfortable using them in place of a couch especially if you incorporate a wall as a backrest.
While that would be a little extreme for a normal bedroom or a living room the point here is to show that the potential of the pillows is quite high and their versatility and practicality is rather unmatched.

Finding and buying pretty pillows shouldn't be hard and you can fill up a large house or apartment with designer cushions without spending a lot of time on shopping especially if you are ready to part with several hundred bucks fast.

But if letting go of several hundred dollars is not something you just can’t wait to do, the fast cheap and easy diy method is the next best thing!

And if you already own a pair of scissors, a needle and a thread you are almost halfway there. Not only you can make new things but you can get rid of old and unneeded stuff in your closet at the same time.

So, without much ado cut up a good bunch of square, round or free shape pieces from everything you find in your closet that you think shouldn’t be there and combine them into awesome combinations that will cover your fresh made pillows.

If you've got some blankets that you don't want to use as blankets any more they can be used for this diy pillow project with great success and cutting them up into the right shape and size is just as easy as cutting a new piece of fabric.

Cutting other things like shirts or pants is not that difficult either, you just might end up with smaller pieces that you have to combine to make larger ones so that you can make your pillows the size you want.

That is an extra step but this way your pillow may come out looking pretty fancy and creative because you can combine all kinds of pieces of fabric, different colors and texture and it'll be the most unique pillow you've ever seen, let alone owned.

You can of course use your old or new pillows for the inserts and just make pillow cases for them or you can stuff your fresh made cases with the pillow fluff and sew them closed.

Watch this video below for better understanding how to proceed and produce a pillow to your liking.

Having a sewing machine is pretty awesome for any sewing project but you can definitely do without it in this case, your pillow will understand... And use whatever case you make for it.

Sewing a pillow by hand is just fine, basic hand stitching is quite appropriate for it although you might need a little extra time because it does take longer to do it that way.

As for the stuffing, you can always get enough fluff out of really cheap and easy to find plain bargain bed pillows from the nearest discount store.

So follow your dream keep calm and stitch tight.

Cute pillows easy fast cheap diy
Cute pillows easy fast cheap diy

Smiling Miley Cyrus drawing cute cool colorful video

Smiling Miley is a cute and cool idea to draw!
The artist has proven this one more time and there is no second opinion really!

Miley cyrus cute cool color drawing

Miley Cyrus as seen by Mirka Art

The artist created his drawing of Miley using color pencils and it looks super realistic and just so Miley.
Here you can watch a video and see the whole proccess of creating this awesome art.

Smiling Miley Cyrus drawing cute cool colorful video