Monday, February 13, 2017

Average Penis Statistics Small Medium Large World Chart

The results of the international research on the penis sizes 

Average penis size in relation to the countries world wide are shown below.
The average height of the men is also shown in the chart country by country but there's no proven data whether the size of the penis has any correlation with the man's height or any other parts of his body.
There's also no connection between the man's race or genetics and the size of the penis.

As we all know penises come in all shapes and sizes and it's just a matter of personal preference which one you consider to be the most… well,  the most unique.

This research data can help you determine what category the penis in question belongs to,  whether it's a size small, medium or large.
An average penis is the one that falls in between a small and large sizes and this was calculated based on the measurements reported by ether the participants themselves or with the help of an assistant.

Aside from the size as most folks would be aware of, penises also vary greatly in color from extremely light to intensely dark but for the purpose of this particular research we will limit ourselves to the  consideration of the size only.

The world population is very diverse and so are the essential elements that are the integral parts of each and every member of the said population.
Not that some elements of the population members are more important than others but somehow and even may be unfairly so, they get more recognition, attention and so forth.

Penises just happened to be one of those elements that get the most of our devoted attention, praise and the other side of the popularity - beating.

We love them, we hate them,  we go to a great length to show we care and to prove that we don't.
We are proud to own them, pamper them, give them the cutest names we can come up with, it's all good!

Here are the results of the world wide research to support the point made and to show the achievements of our fellow earth population members world wide!

The size of the human penis varies between 12.9–15.0 cm or 5.1–5.9 in length in the erect state.  
The chart shows an average penis size of the men, the age group of the participants and their full body height in each country from where this statistical data was collected.

Sm m lg Penis size world country statistic Average

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