Monday, February 6, 2017

Little Girl Big Toys Time

Patritsiya grew up in a well to do family. Her father was a leading engineer in a large urban development company and her mother was a head of the division of a large industrial supply corporation.

From the early time she was introduced to many things that were considered a part of a good life. She had every toy a kid should have, she had pretty clothes and lots of beautiful children's books, she had private dance and music teachers and lots more.

Her childhood was filled with arts, sports, movies and performance theaters, pretty birthday and holiday gifts and apparently a carrying family.

Patritsiya loved her parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins and all her extended family.
She never doubted their love and was always happy to be around them.

When she started elementary school she was one of the kids who was often praised for their nice behavior, academic achievements and tidy appearance.
Studying in school was an easy task for Patritsiya, she was getting good grades and doing homework was almost as easy and enjoyable for her as playing with toys and friends.

Things started to change in little steps as Patritsiya was becoming older. School did not satisfy her curious mind and her innate quest for being self confident and more independent was not getting fulfilled.
She did not continue to have interest in school work and amount of praise by the teachers was slowly getting less and less and eventually was replaced by low grades, harsh criticism and degrading remarks.

That did not sit well with her parents who grew more and more dissatisfied with Patritsiya’s academic performance.
They expressed their dissatisfaction freely and without hesitation.

Being still very young and not being able to understand the change in the way those close to her were treating her did not contribute to the improvement of the situation. She could not understand how her parents could be so aggressively angry and their relationship was becoming more and more frustrating.

Patritsiya’s school work was not improving and the world around her was not filled with love and support and happy relationships.
She was still a child, a more and more unhappy child and took and carried that emotional environment with her into her youth and adult life. She did not part with it for many many years until she finally began to realize that none of that has any good meaning, material or emotional value and she is not required to keep that as a part of her daily activity.

She started taking those heavy unneeded things out of her luggage and replacing them with lighter and more useful items like plans to grow a vegetable garden on her window shelf and inviting friends for salad testing. She got her exercise mat out of her  closet, dusted it off and started doing those exercises she learned long time ago in grade school.
She goes out and meets new people and gets more work done even if she has less time for work.

The story is to be continued with more details in the extended version.

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And now on to the wildlife to connect with nature and to watch the birds. To spread the wings and take flight, to unwind and glide.

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