Sunday, February 12, 2017

Invisible Things one Can Find Online

Every day we walk past things we don't know exist. We don't know or we don't notice or we forget it right after we notice them.

Invisible things don't visit our mind or slip through it without leaving a trace.

We walk by mountains of events enveloped in our blankets of thoughts and feelings that cover and protect us from the invasion of foreign outlandish excessive influences which is a very good thing indeed!
Everyone has so much on his or her plate that it's spilling over and goes all over the place the second we forget to keep it straight or just accidentally tumble as we come across a smallest obstacle. Keeping the plate straight becomes a mission and stretching to the limit while stretching the limits brings about a tiny bit of a bigger potential to keep that mission possible.

We do all we can to keep everything we have neatly on our plate even if it is not quite possible by the law of physics and math. We want to defy the exact science for 2 major reasons:

1. Science is hard and
2. Who wants to clean up all that mess.

We walk down the street, drive past communities, cities and villages, ride bikes, buses and trains, even fly in our attempt to capture every possible piece of knowledge, find the best and less than the best opportunities, see all the greatness there is to see or simply just because.

Invisible things stay invisible, we are not searching for them because we don't know they exist.

They are beyond our scope of impressions, experiences and we are thoughtfully unaware of everything that is not included in our inventory of the concepts.

And that is where online kingdom of everything comes in.
It comes in without a special invitation and does not wait at the gate.
It has a free pass for every party of 1 or more. It is there to make invisibility a thing of the past.

Let's see the invisible in full light where it has no place to hide and no place to hide is needed. It is where it belongs, it's where it feels at home and it is where it welcomes you.

Place A.
Sexual attraction just made a disappearing act or so it seems …

Is it just another dysfunction, does it require a medical treatment, what are the implications of not being sexually attracted to the opposite or same sex, what is the problem with having sexually related problems?

Quote: "Sexual orientation is different from gender identity, or the gender a person feels he or she is. In other words, you can be an asexual man, an asexual woman or an asexual transgender person. Sexual orientation is also different from sexual behavior. So, just as a straight woman can kiss or even have sex with another woman without being a lesbian, a person can abstain from sex temporarily or permanently without being asexual."

The studies insist that Asexuals were about 2.5 times less likely to be right-handed than heterosexuals. Also when compared to heterosexuals, asexual men were more likely to have older siblings and asexual women were more likely to have younger siblings.​

The above were further elaborated in the aptly named article "Asexuality: the Invisible Orientation?" It can be read here  

Place B.
Cost of mental illness is well hidden worldwide, can it be uncovered somehow?

Quote:"In wealthy countries, most people continue to view mental illness as a problem facing individuals and families, rather than as a policy challenge with significant economic and political implications. Meanwhile, in low-income and middle-income countries and within international organizations, officials tend to view mental illness as a “First World problem”; according to that view, worrying about mental health is a luxury that people living in severe poverty or amid violent conflict cannot afford."

The costs and significance of mental illness is underestimated for many reasons. The lawmakers and health officials lean towards seeing mental illness very different than other medical problems. But mental illness is a disorder of the brain which is a part of the whole body. So for this reason along it is not very different from other non communicable diseases.

It is further reviewed in a more detailed way in this article named Darkness Invisible

Place C.
Where does the money hide?
Can it be found and where should one look to find it?

Quote:"Over the last decade, student loan debt has grown at twice the rate of inflation; tuitions have risen at roughly the same rate going back 40 years. By many estimates, the per-student debt figure has surpassed the $30,000 mark."

Paying for your education is seemingly unavoidable and getting education is a well known number one priority for good reason.
"Is all this avoidable? Perhaps. Loans need not represent a last-resort option, even though they're the first thing too many students lean on before the first bill arrives."

The more detailed view on this often invisible element can be observed here in the post rightfully named Darkness Invisible.

Place D.
If you have a place full of cars and all you need is a bunch people who want a car, and those people come to you on a everyday basis, can you sell it?

As it turns out, many people are unsure if they can do it as often as they need to.
Where do the customers you might want to sell a car hide?

Quote:"A recent study by J.D. Power and Associates found that customers are now visiting an average of no more than 1.4 dealerships before purchasing, down from 4.5 in 2005. And 78 percent of the time, the lead doesn’t originate from the Internet; they just call and come in or, more likely, just walk in.

The good news is you are more likely than ever before to sell a car to a fresh lead, but you must be the “1” in the “1.4,” not the “.4.” That means you have to follow up and get them back tomorrow or next week. You must be the first dealership a customer visits, the first dealership that gives a great experience, and the first dealership that actually logs him or her into its CRM."

If you call them within 90 minutes of leaving you may reach them while they are still shopping for a car. If you can sincerely remind him or her of how great it was to have them over at your dealership and are able to commit to making the deal happen you just might get them to come back into your store.

If you can't get them back on the same day you have the next few days to call, e-mail and leave voicemail. You have to let them know how important they are and that they will reach their shopping goals as long as they do it with you.

The Invisible Customer discovery is described in more details here.

Hidden secrets online finds

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