Monday, February 20, 2017

Most Viewed Writer in Blogger on Qoura That's Me!

You're now a Most Viewed Writer in Blogger (product). Sun


Yeap.That would be me!

A most viewed writer, how fun is that!

May be not THE most viewed writer yet HAHA, but still, worth taking a screenshot.

So the screenshot i took and everyone can see this beautiful picture right here.

I'm a most viewed writer on quora in blogger
Considering i only wrote 4 answers in the Blogger category on Qoura in the last 30 days it's not a very shabby result at all. And if Quora honors resulted in some kind of a monetary compensation i would probably try to increase that number in proportion to that compensation. But there is no compensation so i just write answers there now and then when i have some extra time for the love of it.

Yeah, as much as i love Quora i have to control my addiction to answering every single question that grabs my attention and there is plenty. It's a never ending flow of people's curiosity and if you are not careful you may just end up going with the flow… where? That is a BIG question.

Not to say that i don't find it useful and fulfilling, of course it always feels like you doing something that is worth doing and when people upvote your answers it just proves that you are actually doing the right thing. And who doesn't want that!

That feeds your addiction and you keep on finding new and better and longer answers to enlighten all who wants to be enlightened and together you create that wonderful palace of knowledge!

And then suddenly you remember that you gotta do a million or two of other things and that they aren't gonna do them by themselves. Yes, there are other things! Patiently waiting for you to blow a kiss to Qoura and get to them!

Just for a brief moment. Really, just do that couple million things fast and go back. You gotta answer those questions on Quora, all of them!

I'm a most viewed writer on quora in blogger

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