Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kylie Jenner photoshoot Who's behind the camera

Kylie Jenner may be amazingly photogenic but someone has to hold the camera and press the button for all the world to see how amazing she really is when it comes to taking photos and making videos.

A selfie stick and timer can only take you so far, the real magic begins when there’s another person looking through the lens and capturing the moments of truth.

Of course Kylie Jenner could choose anyone for her production team, she’d probably look gorgeous anyway, she definitely has the beauty and talent to face the camera.

But who did she really choose to take her photos and record videos?
The decision is ultimately important for anyone when trying to get the right people for the job no matter how talented beautiful or famous you might be.

In this case, a young lady who grew up in Ukraine happened to be just the right camera talent to create ever gorgeous photos and videos with Kylie Jenner.

Watch the videos below to get the full picture where the photographer Sasha Samsonova answers the questions and tells you all that’s important.

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