Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 things about crap and the art of not giving it

The subtle art of not giving a crap.

In my life I've given a ton of craps.

I've also not given some craps.

And by far, the craps I've not given,
made all the difference in my life.

This is all about not giving a crap.


Not giving a crap about what you partner thinks.

Not giving a crap about what your family thinks.

Not giving a crap about not being able to keep up with
all the technology these days and doing it anyway.

Not giving a crap about sacrificing precious free
time in pursuit of a worthy goal.

Not giving a crap about a million of reasons why
you've been told you can't do what you think you should do.

Just. not. giving. a. crap.


And doing it.

That's how I did it.

And I'm positive you can do it too.

10 things about crap not giving

Credits go to my neighbor Samyuali who gave it to me written on the back of a cereal box piece of cardboard, the front of it had a nice strawberry and some other fruit picture. He didn't give me the cereal but mentioned that it was kind of like crap and that he doesn't give craps but he would like to share the strawberries next time he gets some from the market. I agreed it was the right line of thought and that cereals are highly proccessed so no wonder it's only as good as the pictire on the box itself because at least you can make some pretty notecardboard from it to give it to you neighbor.

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