Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mason Jar Long Term Storage Amazing Way to Vacuum Seal

Seeing a Mason Jar being vacuum sealed using this amazing method truly challenges the notion "i know all there is to know about it".

The long term dry food storage solution just became ever more refined with a touch of that 'oh, now i can do it' feeling that is a necessary part of all successful undertakings!

Mason jars are everywhere. Everyone loves mason jars. Their original purpose was to can foods but that is not all they are capable of. People use them to store things of all kinds, nuts and bolts, clips and cotton balls, buttons, beads, toys, toy's batteries, odds and ends and anything in between.

Mason jars are quite handy for making candles and can also serve as liquid soap dispensers. Making a piggy bank out of a mason jar is also a useful thing to do.

The achievements of the mason jar are indisputable and we can easily call it an IT jar.

I have an extensive collection of mason jars and it seems like you can never have too many. Making gifts and using them as the gift containers is quite convenient so it's always good to have some extra ones ready for the occasion.

Of course using mason jars to store different types of foods is still a thing. All nuts and seeds, candies, cookies, chocolates, tea, coffee, oats, rice, pasta, anything goes.

I have plastic caps for them as well because they are really good for storing and handle washing better than the metal canning lids.

I always just put the things in and screw the top tight and that was it. But after i saw what this lady was doing with an old trusty mason jar i thought i would never go back to the old ways. This method looks so much better for keeping foods for a longer time and you don't have to use any disposable plastic or buy any special pricey device to do it.

Watch this video, let me know what you think.

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