Thursday, January 26, 2017

Kylie Jenner photoshoot Who's behind the camera

Kylie Jenner may be amazingly photogenic but someone has to hold the camera and press the button for all the world to see how amazing she really is when it comes to taking photos and making videos.

A selfie stick and timer can only take you so far, the real magic begins when there’s another person looking through the lens and capturing the moments of truth.

Of course Kylie Jenner could choose anyone for her production team, she’d probably look gorgeous anyway, she definitely has the beauty and talent to face the camera.

But who did she really choose to take her photos and record videos?
The decision is ultimately important for anyone when trying to get the right people for the job no matter how talented beautiful or famous you might be.

In this case, a young lady who grew up in Ukraine happened to be just the right camera talent to create ever gorgeous photos and videos with Kylie Jenner.

Watch the videos below to get the full picture where the photographer Sasha Samsonova answers the questions and tells you all that’s important.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make Pretty Pillows Fast cheap easy DIY video

Pillows are an important part of interior design. Having pretty pillows can make a really simple and otherwise undecorated  room look all done up and complete.

Even if you take out all the furniture and other elements of the room and just have a bunch of pillows thrown all over the floor it will look and feel cozy and you can even get comfortable using them in place of a couch especially if you incorporate a wall as a backrest.
While that would be a little extreme for a normal bedroom or a living room the point here is to show that the potential of the pillows is quite high and their versatility and practicality is rather unmatched.

Finding and buying pretty pillows shouldn't be hard and you can fill up a large house or apartment with designer cushions without spending a lot of time on shopping especially if you are ready to part with several hundred bucks fast.

But if letting go of several hundred dollars is not something you just can’t wait to do, the fast cheap and easy diy method is the next best thing!

And if you already own a pair of scissors, a needle and a thread you are almost halfway there. Not only you can make new things but you can get rid of old and unneeded stuff in your closet at the same time.

So, without much ado cut up a good bunch of square, round or free shape pieces from everything you find in your closet that you think shouldn’t be there and combine them into awesome combinations that will cover your fresh made pillows.

If you've got some blankets that you don't want to use as blankets any more they can be used for this diy pillow project with great success and cutting them up into the right shape and size is just as easy as cutting a new piece of fabric.

Cutting other things like shirts or pants is not that difficult either, you just might end up with smaller pieces that you have to combine to make larger ones so that you can make your pillows the size you want.

That is an extra step but this way your pillow may come out looking pretty fancy and creative because you can combine all kinds of pieces of fabric, different colors and texture and it'll be the most unique pillow you've ever seen, let alone owned.

You can of course use your old or new pillows for the inserts and just make pillow cases for them or you can stuff your fresh made cases with the pillow fluff and sew them closed.

Watch this video below for better understanding how to proceed and produce a pillow to your liking.

Having a sewing machine is pretty awesome for any sewing project but you can definitely do without it in this case, your pillow will understand... And use whatever case you make for it.

Sewing a pillow by hand is just fine, basic hand stitching is quite appropriate for it although you might need a little extra time because it does take longer to do it that way.

As for the stuffing, you can always get enough fluff out of really cheap and easy to find plain bargain bed pillows from the nearest discount store.

So follow your dream keep calm and stitch tight.

Cute pillows easy fast cheap diy
Cute pillows easy fast cheap diy

Smiling Miley Cyrus drawing cute cool colorful video

Smiling Miley is a cute and cool idea to draw!
The artist has proven this one more time and there is no second opinion really!

Miley cyrus cute cool color drawing

Miley Cyrus as seen by Mirka Art

The artist created his drawing of Miley using color pencils and it looks super realistic and just so Miley.
Here you can watch a video and see the whole proccess of creating this awesome art.

Smiling Miley Cyrus drawing cute cool colorful video

Cutest Pets Dogs Cats and beyond

Who makes the cutest pet? Dogs or cats or is it not dogs or cats at all?
The video in this post might help make this decision in case you really can't think of the right answer.

Probably all pets are cute in their own way since if it's somebody's pet it must be cute by definition.
Really, who would ever say that their pet is not cute!

Nice cat smile pet

Cuteness is in the eyes of the beholder, it's a world known fact.
Now, let's see what is Petness.
Here is a list of things that every pet should have if he or she wants to be a pet, as we see it.

1. Cuteness
2. Squishyble-ness
3. Be a good listener.
4. Be fat or skinny, doesn't matter
5. Fluffiness is preferred but not required.
6. Good bowl manners. Not spreading your food far beyond your bowl.
7. Be willing to take puctures and look cute on them, of course.
8. Like to bath or at least pretend and not fight too hard when taking a bath.
9. Be quiet when needed.
10. Be loud when necessary.
11. Be the pet we always wanted.

Baby giraffe cute

So being a cute pet is really not that difficult and finding a cute pet is of course a breeze!

Dogs hug cute pets

Now watch the video and choose the winner.
Just kidding. No choosing, just watch the video and have a laugh.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Expensive fitness pants to buy or not to buy

Who doesn't want to look cute and sexy.
I do and so do my friends and their friends.

Expensive fitness pants can certainly make you look that way. And there is so many of them, you just have to make your decision what kind exactly do you need to get next and what is really missing in your closet.

From that point on, completing your wardrobe should be pretty simple, provided you saved up the right amount or your regular paycheck leaves you with plenty of funds for your new finds.

So how do you decide which fitness pants you really need and missing?
One way to do it is to go outside on a sunday morning and imagine yourself exercising. You don't have to work out yet because first of all you haven't bought the pants you really want and second you need to concentrate on making your decision what kind of pants you have to buy.

Also you may go to the place where other people work out and check out who wears what and see how it looks on people in the real fitness atmosphere.

After you do that you certainly deserve a break and going to a movie with friends or visiting your favorite coffee shop is a very important thing to do to make sure you stay in shape on your way to buy some expensive fitness pants. Or not to buy....
Cute pants stretch work out fitness girl
Expensive fitness pants to buy or not to buy

Sunday, January 22, 2017

World Best Pizza What's on Top

Pizza is one of the simplest foods that taste good every time as long as you like bread, cheese, olive oil, veggies, fruits and some salami.

The world's best pizza should have all those things, size doesn't matter.
Of course pizza tastes best while it's hot so don't leave it in the cold have your pizza and eat it too.

Yes you can freeze your pizza as well, before or after it's cooked and you'll have it right when you need it provided you have a heat source available as well.

You can even eat it frozen if really pressed for time, just as long as it was cooked already.

What can you put on top of your pizza and How to make the best pizza in the world.

Basically anything you put on your pizza that goes good with bread and cheese is going to make a good pizza.

Now, if you really want to make the best pizza in the world you could take a look at the list of things that has all the items that other people consider the best for their pizza.

The food delivery company called foodler has determined that the most popular toppings for pizza are these 10 below.

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Onions
  4. Sausage
  5. Bacon
  6. Extra cheese
  7. Black olives
  8. Green peppers
  9. Pineapple
  10. Spinach
It looks pretty basic as far as the pizza toppings go but that should make the best pizza in the world since that is exactly what most people would like to put on their pizza!

Pizza world best food

What would you put on top of pizza?

And of course you can read some other things about pizza in wikipedia.

Watch the video here to get more ideas how to make great pizza of your own.

Beautiful Cara Delevingne amazing drawing

Beautiful Cara and amazing drawing.

This is one of the most beautiful artworks i found that features Cara Delevingne in black and white.


Beautiful Cara Delevingne amazing drawing created by charlzton  

It looks absolutely real and of course Cara is a real beauty so this makes a perfect combination of art and reality.

Even though Cara looks good in color pretty much on every picture the black and white interpretation of this artist creates a drawing that looks even more dramatic and powerful.